Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stealing is Bad, MmmKay?

There are many politicians in Palm Beach Florida that are dirty, crooked liars. So many in fact, that Florida Atlantic University is now offering a Public Ethics Academy.
Why do people in public service need to be taught right from wrong? Why do we, as a society, allow ourselves to be ruled by the least among us?
From the Sun Sentinel

The academy is receiving its money from training services, including a contract with the city of Hollywood. In Palm Beach County, three county commissioners, Mary McCarty, Warren Newell and Tony Masilotti, have been arrested or imprisoned in recent years on corruption related charges. “It’s almost been a perfect storm,” said Norman Ostrau, a former chairman of the State Ethics Commission who heads the new academy. “Everything has come together, with Palm Beach, with us here in Broward. There is just an absolute need.”

How can anyone think there is nothing wrong this? I have the perfect nominee for their first professor.