Thursday, September 6, 2007

By Invitation Only: Why Illegal Immigrants Keep Coming

There are three big reasons why many people want to sneak in to our country. And all three reasons are invitations from We The People.

First, Illegal drugs. Prohibition causes the price of drugs to be falsely inflated. As long as there is prohibition there will be smugglers. We invite this because the American People's appetite for drugs is very high. (pardon the pun)

Second is our the entitlement nature of our government. Nothing will bring people to a party quicker than free beer. And nothing encourages the wrong kind of immigration more than the prospect of a free lunch. We invite this because we allow our leaders to enact bad policy.

Third is the desire to work. We invite this because we want inexpensive labor.

I only have a problem with the first two. If we end prohibition and tax illegal drugs, reason one is gone. If we stop the failed policies of entitlement, reason reason two is gone.

That leaves people seeking work. The right to contract is fundamental to freedom and this goes to the very essence of capitalism.

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