Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good Boy!

I love dogs. (except maybe little yappy ones)
Of course this breed would likely be banned if this family was unfortunate enough to live where breed specific bans are in place. Much like gun control, bans on dog breeds do not stop the problems they set out to. If scary looking dogs are illegal only criminals will have scary looking dogs.

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Anonymous said...

Ever heard of criminal-on-criminal crime? Happens every day. This is obviously a family of criminals who somehow stiffed another criminal, who in turn came to rob them to even the score. It is unfair that they had such a terribly mean dog. If they had just given the man what he wanted, he would have most likely left them alone. This dog has shown a propensity for violence to humans, and should be put down quickly before he kills one of the children!--The Flying Foxbat