Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The All New 2009 Bailout

I'm not sure who created the below image. I found it at The Agitator's site. Whoever did, captured my feelings almost exactly. I apologize for the coarse language but this does sum it right up for me.

You see, I've been through this very scenario. In 2006 I traded a Mercedes C-280 for a new 06 Dodge Charger R/T, ya it's got a HEMI. It was a nightmare experience. I won't list all the details but the dealer, Greve Chrysler, refused to stand by their commitment and I was sorely disappointed. Well, at long last my lease was up and I bought a used 06 Mazda RX-8. This car, priced similarly and comparably equipped, is far better. The build quality is as good as the Mercedes and overall it's far better than the Dodge ever was. But as it turns out, I'll still be paying my money to companies I don't do business with.

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Anonymous said...

It is people like you that have given american car companies a bad rap in the first place. If everyone resolved to buy only american cars, the quality would go up and the price would go down. There would be a lot more research money coming in, and the big three could more easily improve the product they are producing. Every time someone buys a "japmobile" they are handing money to the very people that will someday roll over us all like a big steamroller! They are slinking into this industry like a snake, building crappy products, and fooling the american people with fancy marketing ploys! No wonder UAW workers are sitting in a bar, their livelyhoods are being stolen out from under them! Shame on you!
---The Flying Foxbat, UAW local 261