Saturday, August 18, 2007

Running Low On Ammo

Apparantly, according to this AP article, cops all across the country are running low on ammo. Or maybe they're not.
At first the big headline grabs you.

Ammunition Shortage Squeezes Police

It begins with the usual incitement to fear:

An Associated Press review of dozens of police and sheriff's departments found that many are struggling with delays of as long as a year for both handgun and rifle ammunition. And the shortages are resulting in prices as much as double what departments were paying just a year ago.

"There were warehouses full of it. Now, that isn't the case," said Al Aden, police chief in Pierre, S.D.

Let's take a look at Pierre S.D. shall we? How much ammo does a police force of Pierre S.D. need? Judging by the design of the city's official homepage, they must have used all that ammo to shoot every web designer in town. That website alone is proof that government employees should just stay away from computers. Meanwhile, I'm sure the citizens of Pierre are cowering in their homes until the warehouses can be restocked with ammo and all the "All Clear" is sounded.

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