Thursday, August 23, 2007

When I'm 64

Will you still choke me, will you still poke me, when I'm 64? According to this it may not be out of the question. The article explains that people keep on having sex until they die. Good news really. However, I hope my reaction to old ladies is not the same as it is today. If it is, I'm gonna need the Viagra. This picture that accompanies the article makes me very uncomfortable.

The guy looks like he's ready to bust someone's lip. The wife, well.... she looks "happy".

Further more, why is that teddy bear on the sofa knocked over? I'm betting just before the AP photographer showed up, they pulled an "Afternoon Delight" right there on the sofa. It's really the only thing that explains that picture. He needs a nap, and she's ready to bake a pie.

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