Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Who Ya Gonna Sue?

A Continental Airlines flight from a foreign country has to land because of bad weather. Since it's an international flight no one is allowed to get off without going through customs. Since Customs isn't really expecting any extra business and it's just about break time, those sorry passengers can just wait. They wait for a few hours, get pissed and decide it's about time to demand to be let off. So, they get to parade in front of a few TSA employees and get on the plane to wait an additional hour. So they're going to sue.

But who should they name in their lawsuit? It is the very policy of bureaucracy that created that mess. How many lawsuits would Continental face if a terrorist had a bomb and they were allowed to get off? How very in-efficient air travel is becoming at the hand of govenrment. Now, some would like you to hand over your very lives to them.

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